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Back in the Saddle

Posted by ankylosaurusrex on September 29, 2009

I guess this is a post that happens on almost every blog at some point or another.  It’s the post where I apologize to my loyal readership of two that I’ve disappeared for so long.  I then beg for your forgiveness, give no real explanation, but promise it won’t happen again.

Breaking it down point by point:

Begging for your forgiveness

Let’s be honest: I’m not even sure there are two of you out there. In all truth, it’s probably just me reading this as I proof for grammatical mistakes that will drive me mad later. With the truth exposed, I guess this apology is more for myself. Writing is one of those things that makes me happy even when I’m stuck in bed, and I haven’t been doing nearly enough of it lately.

Giving no real explanation

I suppose I’ll have to deviate on this one. I have a number of explanations. I’m not sure if any of them are necessarily good, or the real reason behind my lack of posts, but I’ll give it a shot mostly to catch this up to where I am in my life now: switched medications, quit my job, got a better job, moved, started night school, kept my job, switched medications again and fled the country for a glorious month of much needed vacation.

Promising it won’t happen again



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The Man on the Street

Posted by ankylosaurusrex on January 30, 2009

Every morning, on my way to work, I pass a homeless man as I come out of the train station.

Every morning, I have some change left in my pocket from breakfast that morning or lunch the day before, so—even though I know my mom would yell at me for doing it—I toss it in his paper cup.

Every morning, we share the same exchange:

Homeless Man:“God bless you, miss.”

Me:“Same to you, sir.”

Every morning, I go to work wearing pants and comfortable shoes.

This Friday, I wore a dress and heels.

And this Friday, this is what our exchange looked like:

Homeless Man: “Girly, you got legs that could bring about the downfall of the great Barrack Obama!”

Me:“Same to… what?”

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